Secure Online Backup & Data Recovery

Secure Online Backup & Data Recovery

Business Continuity, Cloud Backup, and Disaster Recovery are all achievable with our Backup Pro solution.  You choose the level of service and the amount redundancy and we will do the rest.

Access Your Documents

Access Your Documents

anywhere, anytime, utilizing a browser-based interface that provides all the functionality of desktop-based enterprise systems.

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Backup Pro - The Easiest, Fastest, and Safest Way to Reliably Backup All of Your Important Information.

Client Feedback

"I was extremely pleased with the service from EMS Imaging. Our technical rep was very friendly and explained things in a very understandable manner.


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EMS Imaging provides information management technology for businesses of every size. Our services include cloud-based document management, document imaging, and document scanning, along with online data backup, records storage, and conversion services.

Additionally, we offer valuable business process consulting that will analyze your current systems and processes with the goal of:

  • Cutting costs
  • Reducing Workload
  • Shortening turnaround times
  • Reducing paper forms
  • Streamlining your business across the board

Automate document driven business processes with our exclusive information management solutions. EMS Imaging takes data management to a whole new level by providing powerful tools that improve governance and manage data of any size, from any source. We offer both onsite and cloud-based solutions.

Streamline your Accounting Department

Handle less paper. Process invoices, payments, and PO’s faster. Now your business can function at optimal levels while cutting overall operating costs. Your employees can spend time on important jobs instead of searching for an old invoice or PO.

No other company can offer comprehensive document management services that include easy, cost-effective records archival and retrieval. We have been proudly serving clients in the Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Missouri, Indiana, North Carolina and California areas for over 15 years and we look forward to serving you.

At EMS Imaging, we harness today’s best data conversion technology to make your life simpler. For more info on our services call us at 615.449.1583 or kindly visit our Contact Us page.